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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about insuring my horse?
You can buy horse insurance here or obtain an instant price here. Alternatively you can speak with a member of our friendly team over the phone by calling our Horse Team on 1300 300 715.
Do I need to provide a Veterinary Certificate?
Veterinary certificates will be required annually in the following instances:

  • the sum insured is more than $25,000
  • the horse is intended for polo / polocrosse / endurance
  • you nominate ‘loss of use’ cover
  • the horse is aged more than 12 years
  • you require cover for foals under six months of age.

Conditions for Restricted Loss of Use Examinations

i) Up to $25,000 sum insured:
Inception & Renewal Requirements: Veterinary Certificate including Flexion and Hoof Tests of all four limbs

ii) $25,001 to $100,000 sum insured:
Inception Requirements: Veterinary Certificate and X-Rays (see page 4 of the Veterinary Certificate for required views)
Renewal Requirements: Veterinary Certificate including Flexion and Hoof test of all four limbs
If lapse in cover (exceeding 2 weeks) then revert to Inception Requirements to reinstate policy

What age limits can I insure my horse?
From 24 hours up to and including 20 years of age.
How do you value my horse?
We would consider many variables in establishing your horses ‘Current Market Value’, for example purchase price, breeding, competition results.
I have a part ownership in a horse, can I insure my share?
Yes, each individual shareholder can insure each share separately.
Can I get cover on my horse if he gets out and damages / injures somebody?
Yes, this would fall under the Public Liability section if you chose to include this cover.
Can I insure my tack, equipment and horse float?
Yes, you can insure your riding equipment up to the value of $20,000 and your horse float.
Can I pay by monthly instalments?
Yes, we can provide a quotation and application form to organise monthly repayments via Hunter Premium Funding.
What do I do if my horse is ill or injured?
If your horse is ill or injured you should contact your Veterinarian to seek immediate treatment for your horse.  You then need to give notice to AIS Insurance Brokers as soon as possible. Further information available in the Claims section of the website.
What do I do if my horse is found dead?
If you face the unfortunate circumstance that your horse is found dead, you are required to notify AIS Insurance Brokers immediately.  A Veterinary report will be required to advise cause of death or if not obvious then a post-mortem report will be required.
What happens if I have to make a claim?
You will need to complete a Claim Form and return any required documentation for the AIS Insurance Brokers claims assessor to determine the outcome of your claim.
Can I get cover for veterinary fees?
We do offer a policy extension for Life Saving Surgery and Snake Bite to cover reasonable veterinary fees for general anaesthetic surgical procedures performed to save the life your horse up to the annual limit of $5,000 with a $500 excess per claim ($2,000 sub limit applies for veterinary treatment as a result of a diagnosed snake bite).
Can I insure a horse that I am leasing?
Yes, you can insure a horse you are leasing which will ensure the horse is covered for Morality and Theft or Straying whilst you are responsible for the horse and also Loss of Use if that extension is nominated.
Can I insure more than one horse or add a horse to my policy during the year?
Yes, you can have multiple horses included on one policy and make changes throughout the year if you buy another horse(s) or sell a horse(s).
What if my horse is based overseas?
We can definitely provide cover for your horse whilst overseas and a transit extension if you decide to bring your horse to Australia. To obtain an insurance quote click here.
What if my horse is over $100,000?
We can provide horse insurance for your horse if over the value of $100,000. These risks are written directly with our London Underwriter and policy terms and conditions will be provided to you for review. To obtain an insurance quote click here.
Do you insure other animals?
AIS Insurance Brokers team also specialise in Livestock insurance to cover any other animals you may have including alpacas, working or show dogs or bulls. To obtain an insurance quote click here.
Does the policy cover any claim in relation to coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?
No cover is provided for any claim directly or indirectly arising out of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), or any mutation or variation thereof.
Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details of the cover and exclusions applicable.